Niche Lighting Technologies

What we do

Bringing your solutions to light.

AC Direct Drive LED Lighting

Emergency Lighting

(Fluorescent, LED)

Refrigeration Lighting

(Fluorescent, LED)

Aquarium Lighting

(Fluorescent, HID, LED)

Greenhouse Lighting

(Fluorescent, HID, LED)

Hydroponics Lighting

(Fluorescent, HID, LED)

Poultry Lighting

(Fluorescent, LED)

Sign Lighting

(Fluorescent, HID, LED)

S.A.D. Lighting

(Fluorescent, LED)

Go to UV for water & air purification

UV for water & air purification

NEW products added!

UV for medical applications

UV for tanning applications

UV for curing applications

Our team

Specialized in developing products for OEM manufacturers by offering solutions that add value to their product and reduce their total cost. Effectively launched new products & demonstrated competencies in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Pricing, Quality and Technical Support for over 20 years.


Focused on developing products and offering solutions to broad base of niche customers.